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Insurance Claims

If you need to make a claim under the buildings insurance policy, please contact your portfolio manager or email

In order to assist London Block Management in logging the claim with the Insurers, you will be required to confirm / provide the following information / documentation:-


  • The type of loss or damage (e.g. an escape of water from one flat to another).

  • The time and date in which the loss or damage occurred.

  • Whether the cause of the loss or damage has been repaired and if so, evidence of the repair should be provided by way of a contractors report or invoice.

  • Details of the damage caused to your property along with a few photographs evidencing the damage; and

  • Two estimates, given on a like-for-like basis, for the resulting repairs and / or redecorations to the affected areas of your property as a result of the loss or damage.


Once the above has been provided, London Block Management will log the claim with the Insurers who will deal with the claim as expeditiously as possible to completion and the release of settlement funds.

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