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Lease Restrictions

You are not permitted to keep any pets in the premises without the previous consent in writing of the landlord which may be given by the Landlord or the Management company or the Managing Agent. Such consent is revocable by notice in writing at any time on complaint of any nuisance or annoyance being caused to any owner, tenant or occupier of any other part of the Estate. No dog or other animal of the tenant or under the tenant's control is allowed to foul any of the accessway or other parts of the Estate.


There are 39 privately leased parking spaces within Bombay Wharf - these are designated to specific flats. In addition there is a communal disabled parking space and a designated loading area along the white wall under Ceylon wharf. All parking is strictly reserved for residents of Bombay Wharf.


A loading bay is available for residents to use. If you require use of the loading bay please contact the concierge in the first instance to avoid receiving a penalty notice from Ace Security.


The courtyard parking may not be used as an area for play and must be kept clear of any obstruction at all times. Washing of vehicles is prohibited as well as maintenance save for emergency.


The composition of Bombay Wharf balconies and walkways is predominantly wood, therefore the use of barbecues or hot coals are strictly prohibited throughout the buildings due to the fire risk. It is vitally important that cigarettes are disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner. Under no circumstance should cigarettes be flicked off balconies or left alight.

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