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Selling your property

Selling your property can be a stressful time for all parties involved and therefore, to make this process as efficient as possible, you should be aware of the following:-

Your solicitor will require Leasehold Property Enquiries to be completed by London Block Management, on behalf of Bombay Wharf Management Limited; these enquiries are asked on behalf of your buyer(s) and will most typically be requested in form LPE1 as launched between the Conveyancing Association and the Law Society.


London Block Management will respond to each enquiry as comprehensively as possible and their current fee for providing Leasehold Property Enquiries is £450.00 plus VAT (NB. this fee also covers any additional enquiries which your solicitor / your buyer(s) solicitor may have, arising from their initial replies).


Full replies to the Leasehold Property Enquiries will be provided to your solicitor by London Block Management within 5 business days of receipt of cleared funds.

Membership transfer

In order to transfer your membership in Bombay Wharf Management Limited you will be required to send the original Membership Certificate (or an Indemnity for a Lost or Destroyed Certificate if the original has been lost or misplaced) and a duly signed and dated Stock Transfer Form to the Company Myers Clarke Registrars Limited whose address for service is Egale 1, 80 St Albans Road, Watford, WD17 1DL.

Related enquiries should therefore be directed to Charmaine Westbrooke E-mail to

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